Young get chance to design COVID-19 capsule – and fill the inside!

Newham’s young people are being given the chance to design the outside of a special time capsule – as well as contribute to the contents.
Charity Ambition, Aspire, Achieve and Heritage Newham – People, Places, Progress have together launched the project about the COVID-19 time capsule.

Terry - Copy - Copy

Charity founder and heritage group founder Kevin Jenkins came up with the idea as a way to preserve memories of the coronavirus period, which is sure to be seen as one of the most significant in our local and national history.
The capsule will contain items including official government documents, news clippings and pictures of Newham in lockdown, writes Colin Grainger.
The capsule is being sponsored by our friends at Time Capsules UK Ltd.

kevin_orig (2)

Kevin (pictured above) explained: “We want youngsters to not only contribute to the contents but also come up with a special design for the outside of it. Young people between the age of five and 18 can take part. Future generations will have an idea of how coronavirus was seen through youthful eyes.
Items will be collected over the next six months.

time capsule poster

Newham youngsters who wish to add something can do so through their school, youth club, or parents.
So if you have any design idea or suggestions for contents please email them to: or send suggestions via post to Terence Brown Arc In The Park, Hermit Park Road, Bethell Avenue, E16 4JT.
Pictures: Colin Grainger

For more information and updates see the Facebook and Twitter Pages for both Ambition, Aspire, Achieve and Heritage Newham – People, Places, Progress.

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