Memories of a VJ street party 72 years ago

Flats pic 1946

Reflections of the Past 2,020.
A picture of the VJ party on Wanstead Flats in Manor Park in 1946. Thanks to Margaret Hill for the wonderful donation of this picture, writes Colin Grainger.

Margaret, who now lives in Leigh On Sea, said the photo was taken in Capel Road.
She said: “My father is fourth from left in the back row, with my mother holding my brother Tony in front of him.
“I am the girl seventh from the right in the front row with a boy in my hair. The girl second from the left in the front row is my cousin.

“We moved from the area to Dagenham in 1947 – summer I think. My husband and I had a flat in Aldersbrook Road, Manor Park when we first married in 1962. We used to watch the cows walk down for a drink at the pond opposite the City of London Cemetery every evening – and then walk back again. Hope this helps with your campaign to keep our history alive.”

It certainly does Margaret, many thanks.

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