Reflections of the past … mapping out the past of the old County Borough of East Ham

Another in our series of Reflections of the Past.
I am indebted to the wonderful Maureen Norris for this superb example of an old map of the County Borough of East Ham produced in the late 1950s, writes Colin Grainger.


Burrows Pointer guide maps came, as the name suggests, with a pointer, which you can see on picture 2, complete with instructions on how to use them, picture 3. They are full of great ads from the time.


They were produced between 1950 and 1959. East Ham was a county borough until it joined with West Ham County Borough to make Newham.

The last two picture, shows the names of all the streets from North Woolwich and Silvertown in the 1950s.



Maureen has also been kind enough to pass on some pictures and other documents which Heritage Newham – People, Places, Progress will feature in the coming weeks and months.

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